Visiting the Carlsons and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Gardens

    February 13, 2012                                           

        Old friends are now “long time” friends.  “Old” sounds, well..., old.   Rob has known Ralph since our years at West Anchorage High School, Class of  ’64.  Yeh, that is a long time.   Before heading for our new overseas adventure [See Warm Springs Blog] we drove down to La Verne, CA to visit Ralph and Ruth again.  Excellent time exchanging brags about our children and a great morning hike through Rancho Santa Ana in nearby Claremont, CA.  It features 55 acres preserved for the 22,000 native California plant varieties from the foothills to the desert climates.

        Ralph is serious about photography                                           

        Native wildflowers

        A great walk in the park

Foothills above the LA basin


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