Rushing the Season

  January 8, 2010                      

        As mentioned on our Welcome Page, we hosted a conference attended by persons from several countries here at the guest house [which is also an operations center for southern Europe].   On the day pictured above we had picked up a participant at the airport in Málaga who had arrived from Kenya.  She and Beryl are in the photo above with our guest from [drumroll please] Minnesota!

        Believe it or not it was comfortably warm as we ate lunch seated outside at a nice cafe on the Mediterranean Sea coast [photo below].  The gals wanted to wade in the Med.  Robert had the good sense to not do so.  “What part of “January” don’t you understand?”   Well rushing the season or not this was a chance for two ladies from vastly different climates to wade in the Med, one from Kenya and one from Minnesota. 

        I suspect that the temperature difference between their respective homes at that moment was around 100 degrees F.



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