Underway Aboard the USS John C. Stennis

September 2008                        

        Since March 2001 Rob has worked for the U.S. Navy JAG Corps providing civil legal services to Navy families and training JAG officers to do the same.   This has been a great pleasure indeed.   Rob has been aboard the USS Pennsylvania, SSBN 735, a Trident class nuclear submarine, and other vessels but he got a chance to go underway from Bremerton to San Diego for ten days including four days of flight training operations.   He did work, providing legal services aboard, but enjoyed the carrier experience.   

Above he and LT Griffin Farris, JAG, USN, are aboard the “COD” [carrier onboard delivery] airplane which was about to be shot off the deck for a flight back to the mainland.  They said take off will produce a moment of weightlessness . . . the most exciting 1.5 seconds of one’s life.  But I didn’t feel a thing since I was harnessed in so tight!


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