Our Project in Aix: Library and Documents


        We came to France to work for our friends, Nathan and Robin, who live in Aix-en-Provence.  She supervises a library for their group containing academic and related books for translators.  The library needed to be put into Dewey sequence which required us to move many books to different shelves and install another.  They also have many academic articles from many sources that would be better placed into electronic format so we scanned them all 6,000 pages, one at a time.  The photo above is the second half of our documents prior to being scanned.

        We lived for 3 1/2 weeks in our little cabin at a French "camping" park in Aix-en-Provence.  It was cozy to say the least.  The double bed was in a room so small that there was about one foot on either side and two feet at the base.  So we slept in the "little" bedroom where two single beds with space between is more useful.  In between the two bedrooms is the kitchen/dinette/living area measuring about 12 x 14 feet, the area in the photo on the right [the doors on either side of the photo are the bedroom doors].



        On the table we had room for two laptop computers attached to two scanners.   We began work on the materials immediately on hand and then went to a storage facility storage facility and loaded four large boxes of them.   Our host first checked them to see if the code numbers they want to use for indexing are shown.

        Working together in our little cabin we listened to dozens of hours of music in my i-Tunes library.  Beryl prepared meals on our little stove.  





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