Rest Time at Holzhausen


        Everyone left Rehe headed in many directions and most for great distances but Beryl and I went just about 20 km to Holzhausen to spend a few days with our good friends Gary and Carolyn.  As director and education coordinators for WA in Eurasia they live near the campus of W Germany.  We expected a few days of sightseeing and reading but Rob read two pages after lunch and went to bed.  He was fighting a cold that had spread through the conference and it continued to cause problems for nearly another two weeks. 

        But that did not stop us from doing some sight seeing along the Rhine River.  In the photo below we are crossing the river on a car ferry leading to the bridge at Remagen pictured below, that is, one of the bridge shore foundations [the bridge itself collapsed after the Allies captured it but not before both sides had tried their best to destroy it].


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