Beryl Teaching in Hangzhou, China


        It has been four years since Beryl was last in China.   As before her trip was arranged by E China Fellowship, a group we are connected to through Robert’s high school and college chum and current professor at Azuza Pacific University, Dr. Ralph Carlson.  In her four previous trips her team taught English teaching methods to middle school English teachers.  This time she was assigned to work at a seminary in Hangzhou where area pastors and lay workers came to improve their English skills.   Here is her report:

        Although I am physically back in the USA I left my heart in Hangzhou.  I taught twelve pastors and lay workers at the local seminary and thoroughly enjoyed it.  They appreciated pronunciation practice and did improve in the two weeks of instruction.  We held lollipops up to our lips and repeated “th” sounds in names such as Beth, Timothy and Samantha.  Taste the lollipop and you’ve said it right (try it)!

        We used studies of the Parables such as “The Lost Sheep”, “The Lost Coin” and “The Good Samaritan” to encourage discussion in English.  They improved their sermons and lessons by noticing ways parables taught such as using repetition and three main points.

        My teaching assistant, Cameron, is a 21 year old  new believer.  He soaked in much knowledge in those two weeks as I assigned studies and discussions of the Parables, the Sermon on the Mount and the Lord’s Prayer.  It was wonderful to see him study basic truths and converse with mature and encouraging people of faith.  This perfect mentoring situation was arranged by Him!


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