Prague, Czech Republic


        We spent two nights in Prague where, thanks to our friends in Český Těšín, we had a four hour bird's eye view tour by a YWAM fellow living there.   It was pouring down rain in the morning but after lunch it became nice out and we spent a couple hours on our own.   I [Robert] did not feel well but went out anyway and enjoyed it enough to want to go back when I feel better.   

        Historically Prague had a role in the Reformation and translation.   Wycliffe in England [1330] had gotten in trouble for translating the Word into English.  That inspired Jan Hus in Prague to preach in Czech instead of in Latin and to translate the Word into Czech, for which he was burned at the stake in 1415.  A century later [1517] Luther came along and built on the work of both.   We went to the Bethlehem Chapel where Hus was the priest/rector from 1402.   Below are photos of that chapel, the pulpit [up on the wall second photo] from which he preached.


    In this photo you see crosses representing where 27 Czech Protestant noblemen were thrown from the building above unto stakes below when Prague was conquered by the Habsburg Catholics in about 1650 at the end of the Thirty Years War.  You remember that, don't you, from your history classes?   Over here they remember that stuff for a long time. 


 On a lighter note here we are in a Prague restaurant serving typical Czech food.  We had goulash and beef stew with dumplings.   Yum!

            Below:        A typical Prague street and us in the rain outside the palace.


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