October 2009                    

        The southern province of Spain is Andalusia.  This name originates in the Arabic name of the Iberian Peninsula: “Al-Andalus”.  The control of the peninsula by Muslims from North Africa began in 711 and quickly spread nearly to the northern portions.   In the 9th Century the “Reconquista” began with the ultimate victory over the last Islamic stronghold in Granada [the Alhambra] in January 1492.  

[Did you every wonder why “Columbus sailed the Ocean blue in 14 hundred and 92”?   It was because in 1491 Ferdinand and Isabella, King and Queen of Spain, were supporting an army.  In 1492 the military budget apparently was reduced freeing up some cash for good ol’ Chris to get on with his voyage of discovery.]

        Enough history!   Today we had access to a car and drove a short distance to the town of Medina-Sidonia.  It is one of the “Pueblos Blancos”  [White Towns] that dot Andalusia.  I will skip the historical connection but simple say it is a pleasant town to walk around, enjoy the gardens, the old city wall, historic churches and have a ‘bebida’ [any kind of soft drink] in the Plaza.

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