Beryl in Brazil


Beryl went to Brazil September 20 to October 12 as part of a team teaching English to Brazilians involved in translation.  This is a WA program.  These people include linguistics graduates and/or minority language speakers who are involved in translation in Brazil.  They need to understand English because they have to interact with translation consultants.  In the photo above Beryl is pictured with the rest of her team. 

They are staying and teaching at a campus in Brasilia.  ALEM Brazil is a member organization of the translation Global Alliance.

Here are a couple excerpts from her emails.

I went to dinner and sat by one of my beginning students. I asked her a question in my basic Portuguese. You should see her face light up! She opened her mouth and started talking about her family in English. When she got stuck I inserted a Spanish word. She liked that and started talking in Portu-Spanish mixture. I listened really hard and caught most of the idea. I asked a question here and there and she kept going. It was really fun!

I'm having a wonderful time here teaching English to translators. We teach from 9 to 3:30 each day at the school. We go onto town each evening and teach English at a Presbyterian church M-F. Today, Saturday, we'll go into town and do some sightseeing and shopping. Being here is like the best camp you've ever attended. Great worship times, so many dedicated people preparing to go into indigenous tribes.


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