Welcome to Robert & Beryl’s Journal

           These pages began when we entered the new frontier of “retirement” in July 2009.  That sounds like something for old folks but at our age we can’t quibble.

What’s New

Updated  Sept 25, 2017 [but just a couple things and a whole year is still not here.

“Warm Springs Blog” is all there now.

"Our Blog" entries that were messed up on transition to a new program are now fixed. 

Started Blog entries since  Nov 2014 - finally - including son Brian’s wedding in May 2015.  I will be adding some more too - soon I hope!  Still Hoping.

             Our Blog contains many entries that serve as our family journal.   The first photo and entry title is the most recent one.   You can click on the drop down menu at the top of any page and go to the entry you choose. 

          In the Warm Springs Blog you will find our newsletters regarding our life in a country in Eurasia from Oct 2012 to Oct 2014.  There are details that we are not able to disclose on line including the name of our organization.  We were there supporting language development work as we did during our year in Spain and our shorter trips elsewhere but there is some political sensitivity related to outsiders dealing with minority language groups.  We are serving and want to avoid controversy. 

           So don’t call us “Retirees”.   We prefer the Spanish term “Jubilados”.   It is a wonderful word to describe a time of jubilation because of what God has granted to us in our lives:  family, friends, memories and new adventures.

                                            God Bless You (Que Dios Os Bendiga),

                                                                              Robert & Beryl

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