Settled In Our New Home

November 1, 2009                        

    After living in the guest house since our arrival we moved in to the manager’s apartment today.   Not only does this give us more privacy but more responsibility for booking guests, cleaning, maintenance, bookkeeping and so forth.  Our hosts have lived here for a number of years and this change means they have moved into another apartment in the houses.  This seems unfair to them but we are assured that this is their plan since their responsibilities in Europe and some family concerns in the States will require them to travel a lot in the coming months.

    We have enjoyed getting to know several local families mostly through the local church we are attending.  It has a decidedly international flavor including persons from the USA, several countries in Europe, Mexico and Africa not to mention the local families.

             Beryl in our kitchen                                   

 Robert enjoying the result....lunch on our patio


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