Poulsbo Visitors - the Edgars

May 2011                        

        On a clear day in May our good friends Ken and Irene Edgar came to spend a couple days with us.  Ken and Irene are “retired” workers with M. Tech Team and for 40 years have supervised building construction all over the world.   If you have read our September blog you will recall that they came to Spain to tour with us for a week as we finished up our year there and they were returning from two years in Nairobi, Kenya constructing a center for translation into deaf sign languages.

        OPPS, for some reason I can’t find

a photo of these days that includes Irene

so I will just paste in here a photo of

Ken and Irene in Códoba, Spain enjoying

a bowl of Gazpacho.

        Back in Poulsbo we walked along the

nearby beach on Hood Canal and back

home on Beach Drive NE and shared a

great time of fellowship with these long

time friends.  Their energy and love of

serving people of different cultures around the world inspires us to be like them.

© Robert Carpenter 2017