Rob's Retirement Ceremony

June 2009                        

        As you know I had the chance to finish my working career working for Naval Legal Service Office NW (NLSONW) at Naval Base Kitsap - Bangor.    I began working there in March 2001.   The Navy provides general civil legal assistance services to sailors, dependents and retirees.   In most cases the young attorneys assigned to this department are in their first Naval duty tour and it is generally their first job as a lawyer.   They are uniformly bright and hard working so it was a joy to help them get started and to guide them through the varied legal issues our clients faced.  I had the pleasure to train 56 junior officers during my eight years there.  It has been a great experience.   In the photo above CAPT Pamela Ball and RADM James Houck presented me with the Department of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award.  This was a real surprise and honor to receive.

        In the photo to the right NLSONW civiliansare with VADM Bruce MacDonald (seated second from left).   He was CAPT MacDonald when he hired me in 2001 while he was serving as Commanding Officer of NLSONW.    After leaving us he served as special counsel to the Chief of Naval Operations and later as Commander of Naval Legal Service.   Last VADM Mac served as the Judge Advocate General of the Navy until his retirement in August 2009.


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