Ronda, Spain

January 10, 2010                        

              Ronda, Spain is located between the costal city of Málaga and the interior city of Sevilla, both in southern Spain, in the Province of Andalucía.   Ronda is known for the massive bridge that spans a narrow but deep canyon at the crest of the hill where the city is located.  

           The “New Bridge” that stands there today was completed in the 1700’s.  It is hard to get a photo of the whole thing since it is perched in such a deep and tight canyon so the photo here must suffice even though it does not show the great depth of the canyon.    More photos of any of these locations are available by a simple “Google” search.

           Ronda is also the location of one of our favorite sites, the Mondragon Palace.  Built in the 1300’s for the Moorish governor it retains the architectural styles of the period [known as “Mudejar”] although it has, no doubt, been modified and modernized.   It was even briefly the residence of the famous Catholic Kings, Ferdinand and Isabella. 

Pictured below is a photo of us during our 2002 visit and the same location looking at it from inside.


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