Irish Family from Africa


        We have corresponded with an Irish family that visited us during our year as guesthouse managers in Spain since we returned.  In one exchange Rob commented that it would be nice if we could visit them either in Ireland or their country in Africa ... or... perhaps they could visit us if they ever got this far from home.   We were surprised to learn that their co-workers were at that very moment in California and about to travel to Tacoma, WA.   Even more striking we later learned that their plans included driving to Sequim, WA which would bring them right by our home on their way.  Coincidence or God’s timing?   You be the judge.   In any case they needed lodging for a couple days and we were so very glad to provide.

        We had met the children during the summer of 2010 at the guesthouse as they had traveled there with the family we knew while their parents remained in Africa.  The reason cannot be explained here but it did involve some danger risk.  So it was a reunion with the younger members of the family.

        This connection with workers from all parts of the world has been one of the most enriching parts of our experience in connection with overseas work.

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