Conference in Córdoba

August 2010                        

        Today we boarded the train to travel to Córdoba for our group’s conference.   We spent ten days in 100 F heat assisting the conference operation in any way possible.   Beryl helped in the break room and Rob drove participants back and forth from the campground to the meeting site and driving the 60 Km to and from the site to the Córdoba train station.  At least the van had AC!

        Every two years the workers in our group meet to share progress reports regarding activities in their respective geographic areas and to make further plans.    We arrived for four days of workshops meeting jointly with another group.   After the joint sessions our group continued to meet separately.

        We met Becky and her “Kid Zone” team who put on a varied and exciting program for the children of the workers.   Becky [below left] is from Minnesota.   She and her team all came at their own expense to provide this service to those in service.   Rob was glad to have been able to give her a few tips for traveling in Spain prior to their arrival.  Also there were our bosses, Larry and Eunice Luther, who live in Germany.   Larry is a retired Navy Command Master Chief and his in charge of WA throughout a 60 nation region.


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