Tangier, Morocco - The Rug Tour

April 2010                        

        One should not spend a year in southern Spain without venturing across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco.   To encourage tourists the ferry companies in some sort of combination with Tangier merchants steeply discount the ferry fare so that a one day guided tour costs little more than the round trip ticket.   For this you get a lunch [disappointingly bland - not like the rich flavors of a Moroccan restaurant near our home], a cheezy camel ride, quick walk through the medina and souk to the stores that offer kickbacks to your guide.  All part of the ‘total experience’ as we have become fond of saying to ourselves.

        The rugs are beautiful, no doubt about it.  Brilliant colors, thick wool weaving, some blends with silk, all are available in shops that our guide assures us are “for locals”.   The salesman offers special deals “just today.... for you my friend.... and we ship anywhere....”  We would really like to get one but we must learn how to tell what is really well done and a fair price.   That will be another day.

Our guide explains the medina to Beryl.   You know, it is amazing how much a person can communicate without using any verbs.  E.G.  “French quarter, very            Locals walking in Medina old, this building in movie...”

Colorful display ofolives, grapes and fruit                    

     Fresh vegetables for sale

Meat is cut fresh before your eyes in the open air, including any ‘inner meats’ you may desire.

Inner meats.  Yes, those are lungs

Rug in “Tree of Life” pattern.   Our dealer knows we want this in green.

Fast Ferry takes you to Tangier in an hour or less.


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