Home Again! Home Again!


September 14, 2010


       Today we arrived back in the USA.   Arriving by airport shuttle after 10:00 p.m. we figured it would be best for us to spend the night at the Navy Lodge on Naval Base Kitsap since that is the shuttle’s final stop, our house is 11 miles further and our vehicles were at homes of friends nearby but probably ready for bed.   We figured we could sleep on the floor of our house for a few days until our furniture in storage was delivered the following Tuesday.  Rob’s former boss, LCDR Jen Eichenmuller, heard of this and refused to let it happen.   Instead she picked us up and made us stay with her for three days.    She gave us a ride to church the next morning and there we were able to connect to other friends and our vehicles.

 Thanks Jen!

       We had arranged for the movers to deliver our furniture and boxes on Tuesday. That was just the beginning of our work to unpack and get settled.   Friends from church, Meilynn Smith and Margaret Raub came over to help unpack the kitchen and Dennis Leggett came to help Rob unpack the garage and his office.   Thanks!

        It is not possible to recount every kindness shown by our friends at the time of our return and since but, you know who you are.  Thanks!

          Looking forward to spending time in our yard, shown above in summer, but believe me it does not look like this now.   Lots of yard work ahead first.


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